Uppada pattu longa voni saree color black and yellow

Beautiful Handloom Pattu Uppada sarees. It is suitable for parties such as marriages(weddings), festivals, and family functions like birthday and ethnic parties. 
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2. Shipping outside India to any country also available.
3. Shipping charge varies for International Delivery.
4. Blouse Stitching also available to match with sarees.

**Price may vary with design change and add ons**

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veerababu-Upda pattu longa voni color black and yellow
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Uppada Jamdani saree is a silk saree style woven in the Uppada of East Godavari region in the Indian province of Andhra Pradesh. It was enrolled as one of the geological signs from Andhra Pradesh by the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999. Uppada Jamdani sarees are known for their lightweight. The name Jamdani is the Uppada Jamdani handloom saree is a Persian wording, wherein Jam implies blossoms and Dani means Vase. Jamdani’s style of weaving started in Bangladesh. In the eighteenth century, It was brought toward the south and in the Uppada town of the East Godavari area, Andhra Pradesh, India Jamdani style of weaving reproduced with neighborhood reverberation. The Jamdani style of weaving was as old as 300 years. The strength of the Jamdani saree is that it gets a plan on the two sides and is substantially less weight than that of Kanchi and Dharmavaram brands.

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